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Razor Salvation THD: Saving humanity from alien foes

October 16, 2012

For many years, Earth has been prosperous and peaceful, until one unfortunate day when the Xenos landed on our fertile land. Hungry for our rich resources, the Xenos invaded our land. They burned cities and zapped humans with their bizarre weapons. They also spread radioactive waves, turning the dead into zombies and mutated lifeforms.

Cries of fear were heard at every corner of the world. Beyond the vast darkness, a single light of hope lies in the hand of the genius minds of Blowfish Studios Ltd. Together with the powerful technologies of NVIDIA, they have crafted the dropship “Salvation” that will ward off the alien invaders and rescue remaining survivors, hoping that we’ll thrive again on land without fear and oppression. Become the savior of humanity with the Razor Salvation THD game on your Tegra-3-powered Android device.

The primary goal of the game is to survive as long as you can against waves of attacks from Xenos, the alien invaders, and keep them away from your ship. You will also need to look out for zombies and mutated humans. Also look out for survivors running towards your ship.

The game is more like a defense and first person shooting game. You will be controlling the dropship “Salvation” that will transport human survivors. Your ship will also have 8 different types of weapons with varying degrees of firepower. Some weapons have unlimited ammo, so you can waste them all upon your enemies. However, powerful weapons such as the Mortar and Railgun will have limited ammo, so don’t just fire at will.

You can control the game by using the virtual buttons embedded on the screen. You can find the fire button at the lower-left and the change weapon button at the lower-right. You can aim by just swiping on the screen. I had some difficulty aiming my weapons this way especially when the target is moving or is very far away. The magic happens when you control the game using a controller.

I was able to play the game with the keyboard dock of the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T. Doing so, you can easily aim, switch weapons, and reload ammo. It made me feel as if I were a real captain inside “Salvation.”

With the optimization of Tegra 3 processors, the game visuals look astounding and every game detail is enhanced. The game is also very smooth. I did not encounter any lags or glitches while playing the game.

The game features 4 different locations: Santa Clara, New York, Frankfurt, and Shenzhen. Some game elements are inspired by real surroundings. For instance, the Santa Clara location displays a virtual representation of the NVIDIA headquarters.

You might be wondering why there are only a few levels in the game. You can actually repeat a location as many time as you like. Every stage is like a survival mode. A game can last for hours, as long as you have enough health points for your dropship. The longer you stay in a game, the more difficult the game will become.

When your health points reach zero or your dropship has been infiltrated, you will need to evacuate. That marks the end of a game.

Actually, the game is more like a defense and shooting game with a twist of survival mode at each level. Each location is separated into days so you will know which goes first.

After every round, you will earn Razor bucks. This is the currency in the game. The amount of Razor bucks you receive will depend on how many enemies you killed and how many survivors have boarded Salvation.You can use the Razor bucks to upgrade your weapons so you can last longer in a round. You can also improve your dropship’s shield, increase health points, increase the range of your radar, and many more.

Fighting against alien foes seems a serious task. To break the ice, you can unlock the Bikini Girl and Cheerleaders and save them during the game. You can unlock them by using Medals. Medals can be acquired by successfully doing missions. If you can’t wait for your Medals to accumulate, you can buy additional Medals directly from the game. You can also change the skin of the survivors and your dropship.

The game includes a Datalog menu where you can find more information about your dropship, the humans, and the Xenos alien invader.

The game also has a leaderboard where you can check which player is the king of the hill. You can recruit your friends and form a Faction. Top players and Factions will get a bonus buck, so make sure to work hard and climb to the number one spot.

To begin your Xenos extermination, you will only need a Tegra-3-powered device and purchase the game for about US$2.00. Download Razor Salvation THD now and free humanity from the wrath of the Xenos.

What do you think of Razor Salvation THD? Is the game worthy to be called one of the best Tegra-3-optimized games? Share your thoughts in a comment below.