We’ve probably heard the “created for the people by the people” marketing gimmick used at least a few dozen times in the past years or so, but no one took that approach as literally as Razer. The small computer peripherals manufacturer unveiled the bold “Project Fiona” gaming tablet prototype back at CES 2012 and then left it all up to the public’s will.

It was the (Facebook) people that decided Project Fiona had to turn from concept to reality in October with 10,000 likes in just a tad over 24 hours, and now the tab/console’s specs have been democratically voted on by regular Joes as well.

And what a shocker (not) – gamers decided Project Fiona has to go all-in in hardware land, no matter the costs. That means the 10-incher will be powered by nothing less than the state of the art Intel Core i5 and i7 CPUs while rocking mid-tier discrete GPUs and detachable gaming controllers. Meanwhile, not only will the starting price be a whopping $1,299, but the thickness and weight will be double those of the iPad.

Project Fiona

Again, not a surprise, not in the least, although mark our words – there’ll still be those to complain about the “premium” prices and heft when Project Fiona will see the light of day. When will that happen is still subject to speculation, though the recent FCC visit is a clear signal we don’t have much more waiting to do.

As a final refresher, let’s mention that the 10-incher is supposed to run Windows 8 (still no love for Android hardcore gamers) and to sport a 1,280 x 800 pixels resolution display. Did any of you lend a hand to the crowdsourcing of this beast’s specs? Were the above options your choices too?