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Razer Edge now shipping for all who placed pre-orders this month

The $999 Razer Edge gaming tablet is now shipping out to customers who placed pre-orders throughout March.
March 29, 2013
Nearly three full months after it was first officially announced, the Razer Edge is now shipping out to all those who pre-ordered it earlier this month, to usher in what is purported to be the next generation in PC gaming. When Razer started taking pre-orders, it didn’t specify when exactly it would start shipping the Edge out to customers, so this is really good news.

According to a post on the official Razer Facebook page, the first retail units of the Razer Edge are going to arrive soon for all those who were able to get their pre-orders in as part of the “March batch.” Even though the wording makes it look as if the Razer Edge will only be available to a certain sub-set of customers — well, for now — at least there’s also kind of an assurance that it will start shipping for for everyone else soon enough.

The Razer Edge is a one-of-a-kind Windows 8 tablet PC that sports an integrated Nvidia GT640M LE GPU to take care of gaming duties. Its other highlight features include an Intel Core i5 processor, USB 3.0 compatibility, and support for an external gamepad controller that’s available as an add-on accessory.

The Razer Edge is available for $999 per unit.