Released back in February with the intention of “stimulating the teaching of basic computer science in schools”, the Raspberry Pi single-board computer has since ended up on the grubby hands of a lot of us old-timers too.

And why wouldn’t it? What better tool to try your trembling, amateur programming hand on than a dirt-cheap $35 one?

Still, the Raspberry Pi did have its fair share of downsides, starting with what wasn’t exactly a great hardware configuration. The 700MHz-clocked ARM11 processor and 256 MB of RAM looked insufficiently snappy for most Pi users, but fortunately both those specs have been upped, all while sticking to the initial unbeatable price of $35.

I’m sure that you’ve all made use of the Turbo Mode that overclocks the CPU to 1GHz without affecting the product’s warranty, but if for some reason you’ve avoided to purchase a Raspberry Pi until now you’ll be forced to stop saying no.

According to an official blog post from Pi’s manufacturers, one of the most common suggestions made by the computer’s adopters has been upping the RAM on a future more expensive “Model C” version. The “suggestions” have now been listened, but instead of releasing a new single-board computer, The Rasberry Pi Foundation has stuck to Model B and doubled the RAM to a much more generous 512MB.

The tweaked Model B has already started shipping and the best news of it all is that even those that have placed their orders for the old Pi will get the new one without any additional charge. After receiving it, all you’ll have to do to make use of the full 512MB of RAM will be to download a firmware update from here. It’s that easy, and you can say that the Rasberry is finally fully ripe and ready to be devoured. Who’s with us?