After Samsung’s Galaxy S3 crushed all the Android competition during 2012 on its way to becoming the world’s best-selling smartphone, this year’s debut seemed to line up a much tighter three-way battle for supremacy.

There’s currently very little to set the Sony Xperia Z, HTC One and Galaxy S4 apart (at least in theory), which is why it’s only natural to expect the war to come down to the wire. Only HTC might be out of contention already after delays caused by component shortages.

Meanwhile, Sony seems to have a really big hassle on its hands as well, with (way too) many Xperia Z users reporting their phones are suddenly and out of nowhere dropping dead.

All over the XDA and Sony Mobile Talk forums, people are spilling their guts about sudden death episodes and the biggest problem of them all is they don’t seem to be caused by only one glitch. Several of these might have something to do with Z’s battery, but the vast majority really does come out of nowhere.


There are even folks reporting their Zs have breathed their last after only a few hours of use, which is pretty scary. In some cases, you can apparently resuscitate your breathless precious with a hard reset (power button + volume up), but most of the times there’s nothing you can do besides say a prayer, put the phone in his coffin box and return it for a refund or replacement.

On the bright side, Sony has already announced “the problem has been identified” and that a fix is currently being worked on. The “next software update” should include this fix, but there’s no ETA just yet, so it might take a while.

And although the Xperia Z is not the world’s first smartphone to encounter such issues (even the Galaxy S3 suffered from a similar epidemic), Sony is definitely going to lose any edge it might have had over Samsung or HTC. And just when we thought they could become a force to be reckoned with