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RadioShack trade-in program gets you up to $300 off a new Samsung device

The RadioShack trade-in program offers you up to $300 towards the purchase of a new Samsung device. Find out all the details in the rest of the article.
June 5, 2013
RadioShack Trade In

The RadioShack trade-in program is a good way of getting up to $300 off a new Samsung device purchase (maybe that brand new Samsung Galaxy S4?).

It would seem that trade-in programs are pretty popular among companies lately (remember the program HTChas done for the One). That can only be a good idea for you, the consumer, as you can use an old device, which would just lie around the house gathering dust, to get a discount on a new one.

That’s exactly what RadioShack is doing by offering you the chance to decrease the price of a new Samsung phone by up to $300. You can take advantage of the program both in store and online on the retailer’s website.

It works in a pretty simple fashion: on the website, you have a search box that you can use to find out the trade-in value of your old device, or you can just take it to a RadioShack store. In the first case, you’ll mail in the old product and then you’ll be mailed a gift card, while in the second one an employee will apply the credit to your purchase of a new Samsung device.

You should also know that, in order to qualify, the old product must work. Also important is that the promotion is only valid if you’re buying a Samsung device with a two-year plan.

Also, you’ll get a minimum of $30 provided you bring the old device to a RadioShack location. According to the page on the RadioShack website, an AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or AT&T iPhone 5 64 GB will get you the maximum amount, $300.

The offer is valid until July 6, so you do have some time to think about it.

Will you take advantage of the RadioShack trade-in offer and get a new Samsung device?