We’ve started to get used with long waiting periods between a phone’s unveiling or first leak and its actual release, so when we heard about the launch of a brand new wireless service last week all we hoped was to see it made official before the holiday season.

Surprisingly, it now seems that we won’t have to wait but a couple of weeks for RadioShack to get into the mobile carrier business. At least that’s what a leaked screenshot picked up by Engadget suggests, also “announcing” the exact date when RadioShack No Contract Wireless will be live.

September 5 will therefore most likely see Cricket’s new MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) become reality. Coincidentally, that’s the exact date when Verizon and Motorola are expected to unveil the new Droid Razr HD phone, so we should all expect a busy, busy day.

Aside from the new network’s name (RadioShack No Contract Wireless or RadioShack No Contract Wireless powered by Cricket), the leaked doc just about confirms some of the phones expected to be carried by RadioShack.

These will most likely be the Huawei Ascend 2, Huawei Mercury, Samsung Vitality, ZTE Chorus and ZTE Score, which form Cricket’s current line-up of Muve Music-enabled devices. RadioShack is expected to offer the gadgets on prepaid plans similar to Cricket, but they will also look to smooth the deals by bundling 8GB SD memory cards in the “packages”.

There’s no mention about any other phones coming to RadioShack aside from the Muve Music devices, but we still think (or hope) that the new carrier will try to draw the attention with a couple of more mainstream mid-rangers. HTC’s One V is the most rumored name to lead the new line-up, although RSNCW could have some even more exciting surprises in store for us.

If you’re not very happy with your current carrier or you’re just curious as to what could RadioShack bring new to such a crowded and competitive environment, be sure to get back to us on September , when the grand unveiling should take place. In the meantime, how about we start making a RadioShack wishlist of phones, prices and plans? I for one would love to see the HTC One V made available for under $150 with, say, a $50 unlimited talk, text and data monthly prepaid plan.