RadioShack’s upcoming No Contract Wireless service is rumored to be on its way out within a week’s time, and as the launch comes closer we are learning many more details about what the prepaid service will bring to the table.

For those that don’t know, RadioShack’s service is based on the existing Cricket Wireless network and has quite a few different plans out there. For those not interested in a smartphone, the feature phone plans exist in two options, offering 300 minutes for $25 plan, or 1,000 minutes for $35.

Most of consumers will likely be interested in the smartphone plans though, as they aren’t much more expensive but have a lot more to offer to the customer. Both RadioShack¬†smartphone plans offer unlimited voice and messaging, but the $50 option has just 1GB of 3G data, while the second option is a $60 plan that offers 2.5GB data and mobile hotspot use, Visual Voicemail, and unlimited international texts and unlimited directory service.

With these plans in mind, is the RadioShack service worthwhile? Yes and no, considering standard Cricket plans offer quite a bit more data for similar pricing. For example, the $55 Cricket plan has unlimited voice, messaging and 3G data, though it is throttled significantly after consuming 2.5GB in a month.

For the moment RadioShack has yet to even confirm the existence of the service, but at this point it is all-but guaranteed.