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Radiohead releases its first app, a strange visual/audio experience called Polyfauna

Radiohead has now released its first official app, an audio-visual experience that is based on music from its latest album. Read on to learn more!
February 11, 2014

As a way to market and hype up its new album “The King of Limbs”, Radiohead has teamed up with design agency Universal Everything to bring us their very first app, PolyFauna.

This semi-strange app isn’t quite a game in the traditional sense, and is instead more of a visual/audio experience with rather trippy graphics to say the least. The app has you move around in an “evolving world” by following a red dot on-screen. Besides the unique visual experience, the app also plays music that is based on the song “Bloom” from their new album.

Based on our brief time playing it, there doesn’t seem to be a specific goal or purpose (other than to market their album..), but we have to give it points for creating an immersive and mesmerizing experience that perfectly messes the music with the 3D visuals. Of course beyond messing around with it once or twice, we doubt this one will have lasting appeal for most folks.

For more details, or to download the free app, you’ll want to head on over to Google Play.