We have some fantastic news for QWERTY Android lovers, courtesy of an Industry insider kbman at Howard’s Forums! Finally, it looks like someone is stepping up to the dual-core QWERTY Android plate. While it’s not quite as substantial as our dream 4.3 inch dual core QWERTY Android Slider, it’s certainly looking to be an incredible device, with a hugely improved keyboard, and substantial performance upgrades. Enter the Motorola Droid 3, aka the Motorola Solana. Check out the details below.

Thankfully, other specs have been revealed about the Motorola Droid 3, codenamed “Solana“. At Howard’s Forums, details of a newly positioned microphone from the back to the front of the phone will, in all likelihood, improve call quality substantially. As an owner of both the Droid 1 and Droid 2, I can certainly attest to this, and welcome the change. While the network engineers are working on the device, it has Android 2.2, but is expected to be upgraded to Android 2.4 to take advantage of the integrated OMAP 4 dual core processor. This processor bump represents a substantial performance gain for the Droid series, and will blow away the benchmarks. The performance of this particular processor, the OMAP 4, was recently benchmarked by Anandtech, and looks to be the fastest mobile processor out yet today, besting even the famed Samsung Exynos and the Tegra 2.

Other goodies include an 8 megapixel camera, HDMI, DLNA, and, what looks to be an amazing five row keyboard, with raised keys, and dedicated number keys, sans d-pad.

Specs & Rumors

  • 1Ghz OMAP 4 Processor
  • HDMI
  • 16GB of Memory
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 8 Megapixel Camera (Some reports are suggesting its 5, but we have good reason to believe its 8, as the firmware indicates it is a possible capable resolution)
  • 5 Row QWERTY Keyboard
  • 4 Inch Screen
  • Slimmer profile than the Droid 1 or Droid 2

The original Motorola / Verizon Droid is one of the best selling Android phones of all time, and is considered by some to be the phone that started off the Android revolution. If the iPhone can have 3,4,5 and more iterations, than why can’t the Droid? Either way, this latest series of pics, and reliably sourced insider information leaves us seriously lusting for this Android QWERTY dual-core HDMI beast right now. It’s slated to be launching after the Droid Bionic, sometime in June or July. Stay tuned for more! Will you be picking one up? What changes would you make to make it the perfect QWERTY Android phone?


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