QuickCircle case LG G3

If you are half as excited about the upcoming LG G3 as we are, you will know all about the QuickCircle case and other LG specific functions that await users. Some functions, like Knock Code, QSlide, QPair and more are already available on phones like the LG G2, so you may have already had the chance to use them. LG is looking to breath new life into some of these products by handing them over to developers to work with.

Announced June 9th, LG has provided availability to the QCircle SDK. This allows developers to build their apps to work on the circular portion of display made active with the QuickCircle case.

QuickCircle case LG G3

Taking it to the next level, LG will provide Google I/O attendees exclusive access to the second annual LG Developer Event, to be held in San Francisco on June 24. At this event, developers will get the chance to explore the LG SDKs and attend technical talks with LG mobile engineers to dive deep into the individual SDKs. The following SDKs will be presented:

  • LG QCircle – a new folio case that has a circle cut out of the front. The exposed display area can be utilized to run basic apps on the device, check out our full overview of the case here.
  • LG QSlide function – for the multitaskers in the crowd, a QSlide enabled app is able to be resized and moved around the screen, even made to float in a little window over top of other applications.
  • LG QRemote – IR enabled devices can act as your television remote control.
  • LG QPair – enables an LG tablet to seamlessly sync with an Android 4.1+ phone, allowing you to receive calls or send messages on one device, automatically syncing to your other connected devices. This SDK is not out yet, but they say it will be soon.

Hit the LG website if you would like more info, or just head on over to the event registration page if you are eager to learn how to develop for these LG tools.

Let’s help out the developers, guys. What is the craziest and best applications you have dreamed up for these LG features?

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