Quick Note is exactly what you think it would be, which is a little  note app that gives you the ability to put notes, as widgets, to yourself on your User Interface (UI). You can either place a note on your UI, or in the app itself, which is more like a to-do list then sticky notes. When creating your note there are a few options you can adjust, for both the in app experience and for the way the widget is displayed itself. You can chose to customize colors, a few styles, font size, and the alignment. The only option difference between posting the note to your UI as opposed to posting it in the actual app, is that you can choose the grid size of the widget, ranging from 1×1 to 4×4.

Once you have a note posted you have a new range of options. I was pleasantly surprised to discover these options while messing around with Quick Note. These settings make the notes you currently have much more useful then just reminders; they give it another level of functionality. First is backing up your notes. It does this in two different ways, First it will email all the notes you have created to the email address of your choice, so if you do not want to retype that to-do list that you have created, you can simply email it in a few easy steps (or set it up to do it automatically if desired). Secondly it lets you back up your notes to your SD card, so if for some reason a note gets deleted or lost, simply load a back up you made earlier, and they are back. Next, the ability to stack notes. I found this option extremely space saving. Once you create a note on your UI or in app you can simply stack them, one on top of another. This option really is useful on phones because you generally have limited space to deal with. The last option I did not expect was “fill with existing note”. If you have a note typed up, and want to add that content to another note, it’s as simple as going into no options and pressing “fill with existing note”. Other options that can be found include: copy, paste, cut, font color, and reconfigure note.

With my use with Quick Note, I only found one minor drawback. This was the lack of note design options. Although it had a wide range of colors, it really does lack in styles. Although I found it very cool and something I would actually use, some other styles would be nice. Maybe some sticky notes for the ladies such as flowers or rainbows, something else other then the basic note seems needed.

I did find it very useful in the time I used it. It has a lot more functionality then I had expected, something that I could see an organized person finding useful. I think that with the minor change of adding a bit of style and customizability, this app would be a great choice for most users. Quick Note is an excellent app that I would recommend to anyone looking to add a quick reminder onto their Android device.


Any thoughts on this app?

You can download it here – Quick Note