Users, developers, and reviewers alike have been using Qualcomm’s Vellamo’s benchmarking tool for some time. Their first version of the application specialized in benchmarking browser and network speeds. It was used by many people and reviewers along with CPU benchmarks to test new devices. The next version of Vellamo has been released and it adds a few new features.

Of those, the biggest are the new tests that will measure your CPU performance and test your memory. That, along with the browser and networking benchmarks, allows Vellamo to be more of an all-in-one benchmarking application. Could it replace such applications like Quadrant Standard Edition or AnTuTu? Probably not, but it’s definitely a nice addition to those applications when testing an Android device’s specifications.

Photo Credit: Engadget

What does Vellamo results look like in the real world?

They don’t reveal much that isn’t already known. Engadget tested out the new Vellamo using the International HTC One X, an AT&T HTC One X, an International Samsung Galaxy S III, and a Sprint Galaxy S III. They began with the new HTML5 test. According to the results, the Sprint Galaxy S III came out on top. Next, they ran the Metal test. The Metal test is the name for the CPU and memory benchmarking test. Surprisingly, the HTC One X on AT&T was the winner for that one. For their final test, they ran the devices through Vellamo 1.0. The HTC One X on AT&T won that test as well. In all instances, the Snapdragon S4 devices outran their International counterparts.

So if you’re looking for a new app that will test your phone in a variety of ways, Vellamo seems to be the way to go. The newest version offers more than just the standard CPU and memory benchmarking and the results seem pretty consistent with results that other applications get. How well did your device do? If you tested it out, let us know in the comments.