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Qualcomm is unphased by Tegra 4's benchmark

Despite the impressive Tegra 4 benchmarks, Qualcomm remains adamant that its new Snapdragon 800 has Nvidia beaten.
February 27, 2013
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The Tegra 4 benchmarks we saw earlier this week were certainly impressive, but considering it’s a next generation chip you’d expect it to show up the current generation hardware. Qualcomm is keeping its cool in the face of Nvidia’s bar raising results, and are keen to let us know that its Snapdragon 800 has the Tegra 4 beaten.

Raj Talluri, Qualcomm’s Senior VP of Product Management, told The Verge that the latest iteration of the Snapdragon chip “easily” beats Nvidia’s best offering. He also cited the fact that Qualcomms chips are “so much more integrated” than anything Nvidia is offering, no doubt referring to the lack of LTE support in most of Nvidia’s products.

Qualcomm claims that it’s “more focused on shipping products” than simply one upping its competitors. According to the interview there are over 50 products already stated to feature the speedy Snapdragon 800 coming up for release this year, and “a whole bunch” no doubt waiting to be revealed over the course of 2013. So Qualcomm’s bottom line will no doubt be very healthy this year.

This is the total opposite to what Nvidia faced with the Tegra 3, and could have to overcome again with the Tegra 4. Despite boasting some of the best specs on the market, handset developers refused to use the SoC because it didn’t provide them with everything they needed to produce the best quality products.

LTE support is definitely going to swing the tide in Qualcomms favor. Even though Nvidia has announced the Tegra 4i, it won’t compete with top of the line chips like the Snapdragon 800 in terms of raw performance. This means that Nvidia’s Tegra 4i will be battling the powerful Snapdragon 600 for the mid-performance market, leaving the ultra high end all in one SoC market totally uncontested.

Even if the Snapdragon 800 doesn’t perform quite as well as the Tegra 4, we’ll have to wait for the benchmarks, it won’t matter to handset manufacturers who are looking for a cost effective, all inclusive SoC. No wonder Qualcomm is feeling quite snug.