Qualcomm recently announced the sequel to the Snapdragon GamePack that it launched last July this year.  Adding to the more than a hundred game titles already in the Snapdragon GamePack, Qualcomm is planning to release the new Snapdragon GameCommand games early next year.

GameCommand is an application where users will be able to easily find and access all games optimized exclusively for Snapdragon processors.  The new game titles will start arriving on the Android Market in early 2012.  Qualcomm made the announcement in conjunction with its launch of its new S4 series of Snapdragon processors.

Among the upcoming games included in GameCommand are the following:

  • “The Ball”  from Tripwire Interactive.  It is a well-praised game using Unreal Engine 3 and will arrive for the first time on mobile devices through GameCommand.
  • “Fight Game Heroes” from Khaeon Gamestudio
  • “GALAGA Special Edition” from NAMCO BANDAI Games. This is the 30th anniversary edition of the classic arcade game.

Gamers all over the world will be thrilled to finally have these breathtaking and high-quality games, which are very similar to that of a console gaming experience.  Though, a lot of gamers are also disappointed about the exclusivity of it all. Most enthusiasts are hoping that Qualcomm will let go and distribute the games not only to those running Snapdragon processors.

However, if your gadget is currently running a Snapdragon, then you might want to check out GameCommand when it is officially launched. For the meantime, check out this game preview of “The Ball”:

Are you excited about these games and having them exclusively optimized for your Snapdragon-running handset? Or would you wish that Qualcomm would distribute them more openly?