Can you still remember about the leaked details regarding Qualcomm’s next generation Snapdragons? Two days ago, Qualcomm has leaked documentation containing information that gives us a sneak peek into some of the great stuff they have in store, the next generation Snapdragons. Most recently, Qualcomm has been kind enough to share and upload some video of their newest version of famous line Snapdragon processors.

Take a look at the first video:

The video is supposed to demonstrate the multimedia playback potential of NVIDIA’s dual-core Tegra 2 processors against the existing second generation Snapdragon single-core processors that are used in well-known and recent devices such as the Thunderbolt, Mytouch 4G and the G2. Keep in mind, that when watching the video, to consider the manufacturer’s presentation, and maintain a degree of skepticism about its truth. Sometimes, manufacturers can be bias and more slanted in their products.

Here’s the second video:

The video shows that Qualcomm wants to ensure that you recognize their next generation dual-core Snapdragons are no chump in the gaming industry just like their first generation ones used to be (Thanks to the Adreno 220 GPU). And, by the way, the device featured in the video is Qualcomm’s very own developer phone specially made and intended to showcase their upcoming processor’s potential.

These next generation Snapdragon processors can be found in the imminent HTC Sensation as well as the Evo 3D.

Let the chip wars continue! Do you think these next generation Snapdragons will emerge as the best ever?

Source: Pocketnow

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