samsung galaxy s4 12 aa 600

Remember when Qualcomm said in a blog post that the Samsung Galaxy S4’s back camera was capable of capturing 1080p video at 60fps and we were seriously suspecting an error.

Well, it looked like an error because it was an error indeed. Phone Arena has asked Qualcomm about it and the company (that’s helping HTC promote the One these days) gave an answer.

The person writing the blog post made a typo, writing 60fps instead of 30fps, and getting the whole planet worked up about it in the process. It would have been something to see the first smartphone camera capable of recording 60fps video in 1080p (and it would have been even more interesting to find out why Samsung wasn’t promoting the feature,) but I guess we’ll just have to wait for it for a while longer.

When do you think we’ll have a smartphone capable of recording Full HD video at 60fps on the market?

Bogdan Bele

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