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Leaked Qualcomm roadmap gives us a closer look at their 64-bit plans

A newly leaked roadmap details out Qualcomm's plans for its 64-bit Snapdragon 600/800 family of chips.
August 19, 2014
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Qualcomm’s 64-bit revolution has yet to arrive, but it’s coming down the pipe soon enough. We’ve already heard rumors about several upcoming devices that may pack the Snapdragon 410, but what about the rest of the 64-bit Qualcomm family? If a newly leaked roadmap proves correct, we may be seeing a few more 64-bit solutions formally arrive later this year.

The roadmap popped up on China’s Weibo social network, leaked by a respected Chinese Analyst. The info certainly looks legit, but speculation is still advised. Even if the maps really come from Qualcomm, it’s also very possible that the dates could be subject to change. So what can we learn from the roadmap? It seems that the Snapdragon 410 will get some company soon enough, with the debut of the Snapdragon 610 and 615.


Both chips are made with 28nm tech and pack an Adreno 405 GPU. The Snapdragon 610 is a quad-core with 1.8GHz Cortex-A53 cores, while the Snapdragon has eight A53 cores with four at 1.8GHz and the other four at 1GHz. As for the Snapdragon 810 and Snapdragon 808? We can expect these processors to arrive sometime between Q2 and Q3 of next year. The Snapdragon 808 will offer up a six core configuration with an Adreno 418, while the more powerful 810 will have an octa-core setup with an Adreno 430.


Now it’s important to realize that just because the chips are arriving between Q4 2014 and Q3 2015 doesn’t mean that’s when they will first start showing up in Android devices. More than likely this is just when the chips will be ready for manufacturers, and so it’s more probable that the 64-bit Qualcomm era won’t kick off until 2015 — at least outside of the Snapdragon 410 anyhow.

In other words, don’t be surprised if we see a repeat of 2013, with the first half of the 2015 seeing flagships debut with 64-bit Snapdragon 600 family chips and the second half of the year introducing the 64-bit Snapdragon 800 family. What do you think, disappointed by Qualcomm’s progress in 2014 or not? Excited for what 2015 brings?