A few years ago, everyone got hyped with the arrival of quad-core desktop computers. While many thought that this technology would stop there, there were those who dreamt of incorporating these on mobile phones. Thankfully, this innovation has arrived and as early as now, we are already expecting a lot of these phones to come out in the market such as the HTC Edge and rumored Samsung Galaxy S3 and Meizu MX phones. So if you’re planning on buying a new phone this year, you may have to wait until these phones make an entry into the market.

So what exactly can a quad-core smartphone do for you? How different is it from the other pricey phones in the market? Here’s a look at what you’re getting out of a quad-core smartphone:

Do More Things

If you’re a multi-tasker, you’ll be pleased with a quad-core processor. This is because it will let you do more things simultaneously. These processors have a unique ability that enables its users to switch between cores. As such, it figures out which task would require more resources before automatically assigning more power to it.

So even if you have several apps open, you will not be bothered about any lagging time or unexpected shut downs. The processor assigns power to the app that requires it more over the apps that are on standby mode.

Low Power Consumption

Coinciding with the first feature, quad-core processors have a way to break up certain tasks across its cores. So even if you have accidentally left several apps open, you do not drain out your battery. Moreover, the processor is helpful in processing a heavy task. When the four cores work together, you can finish your task quickly.

Faster Downloads & Uploads

Because it has four cores to help you get work done quickly, your phone is able to execute tasks more easily. Even if you are opening a JavaScript code, you do not have to wait a while before it finishes loading. As a result, you get to load web pages and download pictures more quickly. Your videos will also take less time buffering.


Because of these features, it is no longer a surprise why many believe quad-core smartphones will be equal to a desktop computer’s multi-tasking performance. And with the number of apps requiring more processing and multi-threading, quad-core is an exciting development for both smartphones and tablets users who demand only the best for all their mobility needs.