Wow, some great news for you insatiable rumor followers! As everyone knows, “there will always be a new Nexus”, according to Android head honcho, Andy Rubin. The picture below (which some consider fake, but actually looks fairly legitimate), lends further credibility to what we already know true.

As we already know as well, both HTC and LG are being considered as the potential manufacturer for the now legendary Nexus 3. HTC hardware being considered for the third Nexus.  The picture below reveals a device with no capacitive buttons. Ice Cream Sandwich, much like Honeycomb, will require no physical buttons, further lending legitimacy to this picture and claim.

The experts on the Android team are currently reviewing bids from both HTC and LG to see which device maker produces the hot speedy magical goodness required by such incredible next-gen hardware. We know from public quotes from both Eric Schmidt and Andy Rubin that we can all expect to see a new Nexus sometime around Christmas 2011, maybe a bit sooner. This is also the same time frame we can anticipate to see the unification of Honeycomb 3.1 and Android 2.3 Gingerbread, with the Ice Cream Sandwich update.

Be sure to check out our other pieces on why Tegra 3 and quad core are a big deal. The Nexus 3 is the device many have been waiting for, and is sure to be a ‘pure Google experience’ that receives the fastest updates to the latest iterations of Android, much like the other Nexus’. Oh, and don’t even get me started on a Nexus Quad Core tablet, either. Hopefully these guys can cram a massive 2000mAh battery in there too – bigger than the Atrix!

[Update:] The source link’s picture was taken down, and of course Sprint doesn’t have HSPA+. Furthermore, upon further inspection, the picture could most definitely be an iPhone 3GS reworked in Photoshop. Unfortunately, as such, there is little credibility to this rumor.