As a result of persistent requests from app users, Qik Video developers unleashed its most sought-after feature for their Qik Video app for Android: unlimited storage for video shooting, streaming, and sharing.

Unlimited storage for Qik Video is available when users upgrade to the Qik Premium version within the Qik Video app itself. The Qik Video app, meanwhile, remains free on the Android Market. Users who wish to try out the features available in the premium version may do so free for 30 days.

Latest reports say that 3 out of 4 Americans stream videos every time they use the Internet. So, Qik Video’s latest update should be a welcome thing for video-streaming users.

In addition to unlimited storage, Qik Video automatically saves videos to the user’s online Video Gallery, ready for safe-keeping or sharing.

You can also share your video live. Even while still taking the video, you can already share it with your friends. With the premium upgrade for Qik Video, you can also send and receive video files. Users of the free version can only receive video mail from their Qik Premium friends.

Qik Video also provides a way to stay connected with family, friends, and loved ones through online video chat using Qik Premium. Social network sites are also easily accessible within the app. Uploading videos to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube is not a problem with this Qik Video’s premium version.

Video lovers would surely be delighted with this latest feature from Qik Video. Have you tried Qik Video’s new unlimited storage? What is the experience like?

Carl Parker
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