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Qi wireless charging range improves significantly with v1.2

The updated Qi v1.2 standard brings a greater range to both new and existing Qi devices, making it easier to charge multiple devices and allowing you to throw your devices onto a pad without worrying about being perfectly aligned.
July 31, 2014

Wireless charging is starting to become fairly commonplace for those of us with mid-range and high-end Android handsets, with QI charging quickly becoming the standard of choice. With wireless charging, there’s no need to physically plug a cord into your device each time you want to charge in, instead you simply drop your phone onto a compatible charging pad and that’s that. Of course Qi’s inductive charging technique means you have to make sure you are aligned just right, or your phone won’t actually charge.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could place our phones and tablets near the pad without having to worry about positioning or placing it directly on the pad? That’s exactly what Qi version 1.2 will bring to the table. Right now, the Qi standard can wirelessly transmit to a device that is up to 7mm away from the transmitter. In other words, you have to place it exactly on the right space. With v1.2, this bumps up to 45mm, or 1.77-inches. This means you no longer have to directly touch the pad, and it also makes it easier to create pads that hold multiple devices and the list goes on.

As for those with devices that are designed with Qi 1.1 in mind? These devices will still play nicely with version 1.2 chargers, though the range will be slightly less at 30mm. It’s also worth noting that Qi 1.2 could take the standard to larger gadgets and some smaller appliances, as it will now be able to blast 2000 watts of energy.

The first Q1.2 chargers and receivers are expected to arrive a bit later this year, with the standard set to hit small appliances and other devices outside of the mobile world in 2015. For even more details, be sure to check out the Wireless Power Consortium’s official announcement PDF. Do you currently use wireless charging for your mobile device, or are you perfectly content plugging in your phone the old fashioned way?