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Moto X-like voice activated features may come to more devices courtesy of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800

Have you taken a liking to the Moto X’s always listening feature, but haven’t quite been as impressed by the Moto X itself? Fear not, as Qualcomm's got you covered. Read on for more!
August 6, 2013
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Have you taken a liking to the Moto X’s “always listening” feature, but haven’t been quite as impressed by the Moto X itself? Perhaps the Moto X simply won’t be available in your country. Fear not, as Qualcomm has got you covered.

With the hype over the Moto X peaking last week, the “always listening” feature was the most talked about aspect of the Moto X. But what many people forgot was that the upcoming Snapdragon 800 processor is going to feature similar capabilities.

Motorola used a custom X8 Mobile Computing System to allow the Moto X to remain listening at all times even while the screen is off. Through the use of a dedicated chip specifically for voice activation, the Moto X can be activated with the keywords “Okay, Google Now”.

snapdragon 800 diagram

The Snapdragon 800 features a similar feature which Qualcomm calls “Ultra-Low Power Voice activation”, and can also be activated using a pre-set keyword or sentence. This is done by using the device’s audio codec, and the new Hexagon QDSP6 (Qualcomm Digital Signal Processor 6) as well as the CPU, allowing the device to be activated by using your voice even if it’s locked.

The Snapdragon 800 has tonnes of other improvements, like the new Adreno 330 GPU, and support for 4K external displays. The SoC is rumored to be used in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and is already confirmed for the LG G2 and the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. We will have to wait and see whether OEMs take full advantage of this added functionality.

Hit the source link for more info on the Snapdragon 800 as well as a video showcasing the “Ultra-Low Power Voice activation” feature.

Are you excited about the Snapdragon 800 processor?