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Pay what you want to explore Unity development

Jumpstart a career in Unity game development for as little as $1. You can name your price and grab 40 hours of content.
February 23, 2020
PWYW Unity course

What’s the best type of video game? The one you’ve created yourself, of course. In a world where practically anything can become a game, all it takes is one spark of an idea and a little bit of Unity experience.

Does game creation sound like your absolute dream job? You don’t have to be scared off by thinking that it will be too tricky to learn. In fact, the Unity Game Development Bundle is the perfect place to get started. Not only can you learn how to create 2D and 3D games, but you can also name your own price to train.

You can jump into five modules and nearly 40 hours of game-building content to get ready for your dream game. Also, every lesson involves hands-on projects to make sure you really know your stuff. It’s called the Pay What You Want: Unity Game Development Bundle for a reason, and you can find out why below.

The Unity Game Development Lineup:

Pay What You Want The Unity Game Development Bundle

So, the reason this is called a Pay What You Want bundle is because you can do just that. You can name your price, as little as $1, and you’ll get access to the Learn to Code by Building 6 Games in the Unreal Engine module no matter what. That content alone has a value of $199.99 so you could already be saving 99%.

If you want to access all five modules with a combined retail value of $999, all you have to do is beat the average price. You can see the average price displayed in front of you on the screen — right now it’s a little under $13. It won’t stay constant for long though, as you can see there’s a timer on the page.

Over 1,100 people have already signed up to learn all about Unity developing, which means the price is going to keep rising. Check out the details via the widget below.

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