File- and notification-pushing Android app Pushbullet fired its big guns again as the app’s updated version now provides richer desktop notifications and Tasker event plugin support.

According to the Pushbullet blog, the full images of notifications on your Android device are now displayed on your desktop. This means that, with just one look, you can instantly know who sent an email or a text message.  A preview of the message is also shown in the notification.


The post also mentions that Pushbullet can now display the album art of a song currently playing on your Android device.

Improved power efficiency

Pushbullet forwards notifications from your Android device to your desktop through the app’s Notification Mirroring Service, which, according to the same blog post, has been optimized for performance and power consumption. The improvements will reportedly make the service run faster and use less memory, resulting in a more efficient battery use.

Tasker Events support

Pushbullet also now supports Tasker event plugins, a new feature as of Tasker version 4.3. Pushbullet already supported sending Pushbullet notifications through Tasker. The latest version of Pushbullet, however, added support for triggers. This means that you can push a notification from your desktop to phone, for example, and have Tasker react to that. This feature practically opens up many different possibilities for automating your Android device using both Tasker and Pushbullet.


And, while not many people will be as eager to play around with a Pushbullet+Tasker toy, most people will find Pushbullet’s core functions still useful for “pushing” notes, files, images, URLs, addresses, and others to your desktop from your phone — or vice versa — plus the convenience of not having to pick up your Android device just to know why it’s beeping or ringing.

Do you use Pushbullet? Or do you prefer other file-sharing Android apps or remote desktop apps? What do you use Pushbullet for? Have you tried using Tasker with Pushbullet — and for what purpose? Let us know in the comments.

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