Pushbullet Android App

We’ve already got the Pushbullet app on our Android devices, and the companion extension in our Chrome browser, why not a Windows app to go with that? The folks over at Pushbullet have, if you’ll forgive the pun, pushed out a beta Windows app for you to get your hands on.

Pushbullet is a simple to use app and extension that allows you to push links, notes, addresses and even files securely between connected devices. Installing the Windows Beta app on your computer treats your computer as another device in your list. The main perk to the Windows app versus the Chrome or Firefox browser extensions is the context menu integration. That’s right, right click any file on your computer, under 25MB, then select “Send with Pushbullet” to fire it off to any of your connected devices.

Pushbullet Windows beta App

Notification mirroring is not yet included, but this is still beta. The app does have auto updating, so you will get mirroring and any other cool features as soon as they are launched. Get the Pushbullet app from the Google Play Store, grab the Chrome browser Extension and the Windows app from their site to start pushing your stuff around.

With all of the available methods of transferring files between your PC and Android devices, have you tried out Pushbullet? Do you prefer a web based file transfer tool, or do you like the control of a FTP option?

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