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Physically encrypt your data with a Purrtec Encryption Key

Get top-level protection for your valuable data with Purrtec Encryption Keys. Save 33% and get a pair for $79.99 today.
August 22, 2019
Purrtec Encryption Keys

Here’s an interesting fact: Over 169 million personal records were exposed back in 2015, according to the Identity Theft Center. The digital age has done wonders to make our lives more convenient, but it’s also painted a bullseye on our data for cybercriminals.

If you don’t trust that your cloud storage or your hard drive isn’t hackable, then today’s deal could help. The Purrtec Encryption Key is a hardware and software solution rolled into one that protects your files on multiple fronts.

These encryption keys encrypt your digital files with just one click and require the physical Purrtec key to unlock. Under the hood is a proprietary super-processor chip developed in house to encrypt your data with government-grade AES-256 protection.

Your digital files require the physical Purrtec key to unlock.

Every key is unique, making Purrtec 100% secure, so even Savvi staff can’t access your data. None of your data is hosted in the cloud or any external sites either.

The setup process is dead simple too. All you need to do is connect Purrtec to your computer, select your files, drag and drop them into the Purrtec window, type your password, and then you’re done.

Purrtec Encryption Keys at a glance:

  • Encrypt all your essential data with just one click.
  • Have your data protected with AES-256 hardware encryption.
  • The physical key is needed to unlock your data.
  • Even the developers can’t access to your files.
  • No data is hosted in the cloud or any external sites.

Today’s deal offers these encryption keys in packs of two. While they usually go for $120 at Tech Deals, due to a promotion you can save 33% and get them for just $79.99 right now.

Start taking security into your own hands by hitting the button below.

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