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Purported Galaxy S4 image leaks: dark, blurry and quite questionable

A new Galaxy S4 purported image has been leaked ahead of the phone's launch, but there are plenty of reasons to question it.
February 27, 2013
samsung galaxy s4 leak

Hang on your seats, Galaxy S family fans, as we have a purported image of the Galaxy S4, which seems to sort-of back up an image that we saw only a few days ago (the one above).

We say sort-of because this particular picture (see below)  is even darker and even blurrier than the first one. speculates that today’s picture may have been taken by the same person that leaked the first one, although there’s no way to confirm such a scenario.

Looking at it, we notice what seems to be a rectangular smartphone shape that seems to be pretty much in line with the previous clearer version. But what’s up with that Galaxy S4 logo on the screen? Was the device moving when the picture was taken? Or is that some sort of live wallpaper?


Given the characteristics of the image, we’re certainly holding on to our grain of salt with this one, as it seems to have all the elements needed for “leaked” images: dark environment, lots of blurriness and a dose of strange.

That’s certainly surprising especially in a world where more and more people have access to better and better smartphone cameras – and we would definitely assume that the person that’s able to test the Galaxy S4 like that well ahead of its launch has access to a decent smartphone. In fact, the first photo that we mentioned seems to have been taken with a smartphone camera. Here it is again:

samsung galaxy s4 leak

And there’s always the possibility that we’re looking at some controlled leaks here, with Samsung trying to build as much buzz around its Galaxy S4 handset as possible while the world waits for it to be unveiled, not that we’ll ever know.

With roughly two weeks to go to the Galaxy S4, we’ll be closely cover this particular device, as more leaks are certainly going to hit the web in the coming days.

Thanks, Andrea!