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A panoramic image reportedly taken with the Galaxy Note 3 has been spotted on Picasa, suggesting that Samsung may finally unveil its rumored S Orb panoramic photo feature alongside the Galaxy Note 3.

According to EXIF data, the smartphone used to take the picture is listed as the SM-N900T, which appears to be a version of the Galaxy Note 3 family (model number for the Galaxy Note 3 is SM-N900 according to existing reports).

EXIF data also reveals that the picture may have been taken on August 31, by a camera that has a F2.2 aperture and a focal length of 4.13mm

However, we will remind you that EXIF data can be faked, so we’ll certainly have to wait another day to see whether the smartphone will have a custom panoramic photo mode of its own. For what it’s worth, the picture has been taken down from Picasa since being initially spotted.

Since it’ll most likely be running Android 4.3 right out of the box, the phone will be able to run Photo Sphere, which is the default panoramic picture mode for Android that was introduced with Android 4.2. We will note that, just like with the Galaxy S4, users will most likely have to install Photo Sphere themselves on the device, as the handset won’t come with the feature preloaded by default.

However, Samsung has been rumored more than once to launch its own panoramic picture mode. Expected to be called S Orb, the feature was first said to arrive on the Galaxy S4, although that didn’t happen. Later, the Galaxy Note 3 was said to be the first Samsung handset to have S Orb on board.

Android Authority will be reporting live from Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 event, at which point we’ll be able to tell you more details about the camera features.

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