Good news Honeycomb fans!  We’ve just received reports that Google is partnering with LG to produce a “pure Google experience” tablet. The Nexus tablet, much like the line of other Nexus devices, is designed to reflect the tightest possible integration of Google’s latest offerings, on hardware specifically chosen by them to function best with the software created by the big G.

LG, as we already know, has its own Honeycomb tablet, the LG Optimus Pad/T-Mobile G-Slate. That being said, the rumors are telling us that Google is in the intermediate stages of readying an Android reference design tablet, which, much like the other Nexus devices, would be first in line to receive OS updates before any of the other Honeycomb tablets on the market. The rumors, courtesy of famous industry inside Eldar Murtazin, also tell us that LG was the only company – out of all of the major electronic manufacturers – as the only one willing to agree to Google’s terms.

The very existence of Google’s Nexus line of phones has served but one primary purpose – to serve as an example of what Android should be. Most recently, we reported that Google was delaying the public release of Honeycomb’s source code. Tech analyst Eldar Murtazin has hypothesized that Google’s reasoning behind this was because of the yet unannounced Google Nexus Tablet. Murtazin claims that the alleged Nexus Tablet is planned for a mid-summer/fall release, and bringing with it a smoother, improved, and all around more polished version of Honeycomb. Murtazin, who has an excellent track record of providing very accurate and prescient predictions, claims that the collaboration between LG and Google is far past the initial stages.

Like any rumors, we must all take this with a grain of salt. At this point, we don’t know anything about commercial release dates, reference hardware ,or the improvements to Honeycomb. We can be certain of one thing however – which is that there are literally hundreds of OEM’s – Chinese and otherwise – that are literally imploding with anxiety at being prevented from accessing the Honeycomb source code to rush Android 3.0 tablets to market. With this being said, the alleged Nexus tablet is likely to be a show stopper. In all likelihood, it will address all the grievances that have been voiced about the “buggy” and “unpolished” release of Honeycomb, and will likely be received in a very favorable manner, much like other Nexus devices. We can be certain it will do Honeycomb justice, and will be the ideal device for showcasing Honeycomb’s capabilities.

We can expect that, like all other Nexus devices, that the Nexus Tablet will be carrying the most ‘bleeding edge’ version of Android Honeycomb before any other tablets on the market.

The real question is – will you be able to wait? Or, would you rather competition to intensify by having the source code released to every manufacturer on the planet so that you could get a $300 Honeycomb tablet?

Via: Mobile Review (translated from Russian)

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