The sheer number of ways you can upgrade and customize an Android phone can turn the mobile device into a virtual labyrinth of apps. If you happen to be one of those users bitten by the tweaking bug, one tactic to avoid getting lost in a maze of your own making is to utilize a good launcher.

The Pure Breeze homescreen is the solution that Samsung San Jose Mobile Lab offers the compulsive installer. The notable quality that sets this launcher replacement apart is that the main focus of the design is to improve file and software application organization.  This way the user actually spends more time using the Android phone rather than scrolling through directories confused while looking for the right app.

Pure Breeze couldn’t be more aptly named. The app replaces your phone’s default homescreen with a floating window called “Kite”. You can easily customize this window and group apps into categories for quicker navigation. Call up the “Kite” with one touch of the home button and you’ve got all your widgets and shortcuts right there.

If for some reason you feel like going back to your old launcher, a simple settings adjustment can bring back the original homescreen. There are actually the Lite and Full versions of the app. The former is free and has all the features of the latter except there are fewer items that can be organized. Both versions are compatible with Android 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3.

Just like most new apps, Pure Breeze is not without its minor bugs and issues. Some users for example have noted a certain performance lag which could be related to graphics acceleration. There is general agreement however that the app delivers what it mainly promises and that is to clean up and simplify your Android phone’s interface.


via phandroid