Ok, so we have heard about this white Galaxy Nexus in the last day or two right? Well I was looking to see how much it is to import a GSM Galaxy Nexus to the US, and found the White Galaxy Nexus for sale. Of course the GSM model is only currently available in 16GB model, so if you’re looking for 32GB you may want to wait a bit.

We all know what the Galaxy Nexus offers right? A 4.65″ Super AMOLED display with on-screen buttons featuring Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0. It is a pentaband Galaxy Nexus, which do work on T-Mobile US, and on AT&T which are the only two major GSM carriers in the US. Oh and it’s updated and maintained by Google so we will be getting timely updates and no skins like HTC Sense and Motoblur.

If you live in the UK, or want to import a White Galaxy Nexus to the US, and want to get a white Galaxy Nexus hit up the source link and order your’s today. With shipping its about £431.00, which converts to about $665 US dollars. Are you ordering one? Let us know in the comments.