Rocketcat Games and Madgarden’s Punch Quest, a mix of an endless runner and an arcade-style fighting game, is finally available on Google’s Play Store!

Punch Quest is a very unique and fun game, so much so that’s it was nominated for a number of awards in 2012. The game was also able to rack up 13,000 reviews on Apple’s App Store along with a 5-star rating. Let that be a testament to how awesome the game is.

In Punch Quest, you literally punch everything in your way. That’s not where the fun ends though. Eventually you’ll get to ride a Laseraptor, which is a dinosaur that can shoot lasers out of its mouth. You’ll also be able to customize your character’s special moves and abilities.

The control’s are very easy as well. The game has a few endless runner-esque elements to it, so all you’ll have to focus on is jabbing, slamming and uppercutting monsters as you run through various dungeons. Also, be warned, there’s a lot of dieing involved. The trailer makes the game look easier than it actually is.

If you’re looking for a punching good time, Punch Quest is a highly suggested game, especially for the $0.99 it costs in the Play Store.

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