Pudding Monsters

It has been two years since ZeptoLab’s Cut the Rope first debuted, and in that time the game has managed to total more than 250 million downloads. Its clear that Cut the Rope has been nothing less than a huge success. Now ZeptoLab hopes to repeat that success with a new game, Pudding Monsters. The new title was officially announced today at the LeWeb in Paris.

Pudding Monsters is a very different kind of game than Cut the Rope. The new title relies more on puzzle solving, and less on physics-based gameplay. The goal of the game is to move pieces of pudding around in order to get them to stick to another object. If the pieces fall off the board, the game ends.

Considering what we’ve heard so far, this game might be considered a little less difficult than Cut the Rope, but, based on ZeptoLab’s track record, should be equally addicting.

The gameplay might not be the same, but the marketing and merchandising goals are quite similar. Just like Cut the Rope, ZeptoLab intends to release merchandise such as toys, plush dolls and more.

So when is Pudding Monsters coming? The game will arrive on December 20th for Android, as well as iDevices. What do you think, interested in ZeptoLab’s newest game or not?

Andrew Grush
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