Alas, the poor PDA. The personal digital assistant used to be the mainstay of a traveling businessman’s arsenal. Nowadays, it has been overshadowed by smartphones and tablets – which have taken over the PDAs original job of data management. Still, PDAs are still being produced and a company named PsiXpda is trying to get the PDA mojo back.

We’ve already heard from this company before; a couple of years ago and PsiXpda launched their own PDA using the proprietary Windows XP. It was a small 5-inch device and it failed miserably. Most of the problems with it stemmed from the fact that it used a 1.1 GHz Intel Atom Z510 CPU which couldn’t even run XP properly.

Well, all is not lost though. The company is planning to release a new PDA with a multilingual, Psion Series 5MX-style keyboard. However, the big difference will be the use of Google Android. The company hopes that the new product will do better, since Android is designed to run on low power devices with small screens, much in the same way the original PDA OS, EPOC was.

For those who don’t know, the EPOC OS developed into Symbian – which has recently been dropped by Nokia for Windows Mobile. Microsoft is really trying to play catch-up with Android and is trying its best to make sure the next iteration of Windows, Windows 8, will be capable of running on low power devices with ARM-based processors – which is Android’s turf. Expect that little development to turn into competition for Android.

Source: Liliputing

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