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Proxy + Privacy Browser for Anonymous Surfing of Blocked Websites on Android

March 26, 2012

The Web is a fun place to learn new information, socialize, interact, and play games to kill the time. However, there are certain Internet areas that are limited to access, or blocked by either a corporate firewall or banned country-wide.

An interesting Android app called Proxy + Privacy Browser, developed by Smartwebs Innovations, lets you access banned websites all in the comfort of your mobile smartphone. Virtually any site can be unblocked, including many social networking sites, web hosting services, blogging platforms, entertainment sites, and news channels, just to name a few.

Apart from giving you an all-access pass to your favorite sites, the application also maintains privacy by masking your profile from the Internet, letting yourself surf anonymously through a specific device or OS website. The application also provides several other customizations that gives you a sense of security when browsing websites that are sensitive in nature. For all we know, nobody wants to snoop around your digital footprint over the Internet.

Proxy + Privacy Browser functions like a simple web browser with an easy-to-use interface. The biggest selling point of this application is its ability to let users anonymously browse blocked websites by bypassing protocols and firewalls along the way. Doing so will allow the app to utilize multitudes of IP addresses as well as proxy servers to aggregate worldwide users, most of which are composed of students who are trying to access social media sites from their school campuses.

The application is relatively new to the Google Play Store with certain features not yet present compared to most mainstream web browsing apps. However, it does support a minimalistic feel, with dedicated buttons found on the bottom referred to as Quick Links that provide users  quick access to Facebook, Yahoo, and Google accounts.

To browse other websites, users just need to input the required URL on the address bar on the top of the screen. Hit the Go button and you’re good to go. Users can also configure the application by tapping the Settings button found on the bottom of the homescreen where a User Agent (UA) can be selected from from a list of UA presets.

The app also removes browsing history in an instant and hides your actual IP address when you browse websites. Cookies can also be modified to prevent unwanted users from spying.

We’ve managed to test the application and the results were surprising. We can confirm that the application worked out well and blocked websites can be accessed easily like a walk in the park. Browsing speed can vary from time to time depending on the load of the proxy servers. As a side note, the app doesn’t support streaming of videos but we’re hoping that this feature could be added in upcoming updates.

Proxy + Privacy Browser is a useful application for users who are restricted from accessing their favorite websites due to certain limitations by their ISP or their country.  You can download the Proxy + Privacy Browser app from the Google Play Store for free and try it out for yourself.