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Protect up to 5 devices with Panda Internet Security for 60 percent off

Panda Internet Security can help protect your PC, Mac and even Android devices from malware and viruses, along with help finding your iPhone.
February 13, 2018

In this age where you have to protect all of your various devices from malware and viruses, you want a solution that will do its best to cover as many products as possible. That’s what the Panda Internet Security service offers. In this new deal, you can save 60 percent off the cost of a one-year or three-year subscription to the service.

If you pick the one-year subscription, you pay just $39.99 under this deal, which is a big cut from its normal $99.99 price tag. If you want a three-year subscription to Panda Internet Security, the price will be $119.99, which again is a big discount from its standard price of $299.97.

Whether you pick either the one-year or three-year deal, Panda Internet Security will protect up to five devices at once. It supports PC, Mac and even Android products with its antivirus and online fraud protection services, and can even help you find your iPhone if it gets lost or stolen. It offers automatic backups of your files and can even protect you from the growing threat of ransomware attacks, which try to lock you out of your data in exchange for money.

Parents can also protect their children when they surf the Internet with parental control features that are included with a Panda Internet Security subscription. It really is an effective one-stop shop for all of your PC and smartphone security needs, and with these huge discounts, you can also afford to keep your data safe from any virus threats.

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