project tango

Yesterday we found out about Google’s Project Tango, the smartphone that can sense the 3D world around it, and today we have a video of the 3D models it can make.

The video, obtained by TechCrunch, comes from Matterport, one of the startups Google gave an early prototype of Project Tango to before it showed off the device to the rest of the world. The short video shows a Matterport employee in a room full of random clutter, which is presumably there to show the camera can render everything it sees, no matter how complex.

As Matterport CEO Bill Brown told TechCrunch, the model the phone produces isn’t exactly pretty, but it’s not really supposed to be yet. This is just a prototype, and the quality of the textures in the models will improve over time. The caeras still have to fit inside a smartphone, though, so perfect images and textures probably won’t be perfect anytime soon.

The video also shows that once the phone captures a 3D model of the room the team can manipulate it on a desktop computer. The video shows users being able to measure the room and leave notes around the 3D model. Those features seem like they could be useful to some people, or just a neat thing to play around with for others.

It’ll be a long time before most of us actually get to play with Project Tango, but hopefully we’ll get to see more demos like this as the project develops. For now the biggest question is when will Project Tango be ready for the average person to buy? Is this something you even want, or can find a use for in your life?