NVIDIA took the world by surprise at CES 2013 when it announced its first gaming console device, the Android-based Project Shield. And while the Shield will launch in the following months, the device won’t be the company’s last piece of hardware.

CEO Jen-Hsung Huang told CNET that the company plans to launch a more Project Shield generations in the future, although NVIDIA is not going to make any smartphones or tablets quite yet:

It doesn’t make sense for any of our partners to do a gaming device. … And I wouldn’t build a smartphone or tablet because Asus [and other hardware makers] are doing a fantastic job. For me to think I could do something better is just silliness. We’re not going to compete with them, and they don’t see us competing with them. But because of this device, we’re going to get a lot more TegraZone content, and we’re going to get a lot more Android content, and that only benefits them.

Or at least it won’t publicly say it has such plans at this time.

The first-gen Project Shield, a Wi-Fi-only version, will be available in the U.S. in the second quarter of the year, with other markets to follow thereafter. By the time it launches it will probably be called something else, with Project Shield being just a codename for the device, just like Razer’s Project Fiona, a similar project, became the Razer Edge.