motorola project ara modular smartphone (2)

Project Ara may still be nothing more than a work in progress, but it’s marching ever closer towards the realm of reality thanks to Google’s efforts to aggressively push forward with the project.

Google is doing everything in its power to get Project Ara into the hands of consumers by early next year, while also encouraging and enticing module developers. To that end, Google’s Paul Eremenko announced during day two of the Ara developer conference that Google is kicking off a $100,000 developer’s challenge.

In addition to prize money, the top two runners-up will get all-expense paid trips to future Ara Developer conferences

The challenge is designed to generate further interest in module development. In addition to offering prize money, the top two runners-up will get all-expense paid trips for up to three people to future Ara Developer conferences. Right now the rules behind the challenge haven’t been fully laid out, though Eremenko states that everything will become official sometime in mid-May. The challenge is expected to close sometime in September of this year.

Project Ara still has a lot of work cut out for it, but Google has laid out a very clear timeline for the project’s development and with each passing day Ara is looking more and more impressive — and doable.

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