Yes, this isn’t a joke, someone did “professionally microwave” a Samsung Galaxy S3 and now the person is attempting to sell the resulting “crispy and crunchy” smartphone meld on eBay for a one time fee of $2,012.

The package comes complete with the original Galaxy S3 box and accessories and an added bonus from the retailer. However, we don’t encourage you to purchase the destroyed device, no matter how artsy it looks like to some of you. Because it’s hardly art, is it?

It’s just a dude that’s using a microwave to destroy gadgets – because the Galaxy S3 isn’t the first victim of his professional microwaving skills, with other devices having had the same faith in his hands. This isn’t any different from that other dude that’s blending hot gadgets, but at least that guy does it for a different purpose, and doesn’t try to sell you the resulting dust thereafter.

In the video above you can see how this Sprint Galaxy S3 was microwaved, and it’s definitely not a pretty image. And while we’re at it, don’t try to do this at home. It’s seriously not art.

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