Business people discussing product management.

It takes an entire company working together to launch a brand-new product. At the center of it all is a product manager, pulling the strings and guiding the decisions every step of the way.

You can learn the skills you need to jump into an exciting new role with the Product Management: Skill Sets to Shift Your Career learning kit, which is now on offer from Tech Deals. You can learn the ins and outs of product management with 13 hours of beginner-friendly content.

Learn how to build a business case.

Before you go launching products, you’ll first learn what decisions product managers make. Whether you need to learn how to build a business case or the steps of specific methodologies, this learning kit covers it all.

Not only are you able to learn what decisions you may face, but you’ll also be able to learn why they’re important. After all, you’ll probably have to deliver lots of pitches for funding to launch your product, so you have to be a jack-of-all-trades. If you already know some of the basics, you can skip those lectures and focus on the more high-level content.

Product Management at a glance:

  • Master the basic principles with 13 hours of in-depth content.
  • Understand the factors behind the decisions you may face.
  • Learn how companies of all sizes implement processes in different ways.
  • Gain tips on interviewing for positions and securing a new job.

The Product Management: Skill Sets to Shift Your Career learning kit has a retail value of almost $150. You can save close to 90% right now and start learning for just $15. Almost 1,000 people have enrolled so far.

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Product Management: Skill Sets to Shift Your Career
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Product Management: Skill Sets to Shift Your Career Buy it Now
Save $130 .00 $15 .00

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