Everyone hates telemarketers. That’s why having a call blocker app on your smart phone is a great way to assure yourself that your blood pressure wouldn’t rise or your time wouldn’t be wasted. Unfortunately, you’ve probably noticed that all those call blocker apps went kaput when the shiny new update to Android 2.3.3 rolled in. Well, that’s mostly because Google removed an API that enabled developers to get those apps working in the first place. So those telemarketers have been starting to pester people again. Well, here’s some good news: Privacy Star is on the job.


Privacy Star has just received an update that enabled it to function again – and added some fun new toys to the mix. One of these is the ability to block single numbers or entire area codes. It’s already got over 120 million numbers listed in its user blacklist. Of course, there’s the flipside that if the user is on the ‘Do Not Call List’, they can directly file a complaint with the FTC from their phone right that moment.

More features include directory assistance, which will help any user find a business or individual once it’s typed or spoken, and SMS ID, which immediately tries to identify any text message’s sender all the while giving options for an appropriate response.

Right now the company is holding a a 7-day free trial for any interested parties. The problem is its currently limited to the US. Here’s to hoping that these guys will go international soon.

Source: Android Guys

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