Privacy Blocker is one of the newest apps available for Android that augments your ability to determine what apps are compromising your privacy, and deals with them accordingly by spoofing the data they have access to. All in all, it’s quite impressive. While extremely processor intensive while it “fixes” an app, it still does the trick. It’s in the early stages, and will no doubt get better as time goes on. The database it has access to has information on many of the most popular apps on the market, and gives you perspective on where your personal info is really going. The app is very processor intensive when it’s “fixing” an app because it’s  has to decompile, parse the source and then recompile the app – all on the phone. Also, for all your paranoid people out there – it’s good to know that the author is a custom ROM developer and a regular on

From the Android Market:

Privacy Blocker features:

☆ Scan apps for problems
☆ View details of your apps “dirty secrets”
☆ Fix specific problems you don’t want
☆ Install and backup fixed apps
☆ Send results via E-mail, Facebook and Twitter
☆ Uninstall the unwanted app(s)

Privacy Blocker is the only app that can fully lookout for apps that steal your private
information and may be harmful. It is unlike any other app in that it can actually scan through other apps code to find privacy issues. No other app can do this on Android! This is what sets Privacy Blocker apart from other apps that claim protection.

After scanning for potential violations, Privacy Blocker can actually fix the problems that are in the app(s). After fixing you can install the secure app directly on your device without having to worry about all from within Privacy Blocker.

Get the security you need that other apps like Anti-Virus Pro, Lookout Mobile Security, McAfee WaveSecure can’t find and fix.

Our Thoughts:

We, like many of you, are concerned somewhat whenever we install a new app and read the desired permissions. It’s unbelievable that some apps “need” to know your phone number, or that they “need” to know where I am located. All in all, we wouldn’t recommend this for novice users, but it’s still a great app. It has the potential to make some apps angry, because once they are “fixed”, will cease to function without access to certain sets of data. We have no doubt that once the database of good and bad apps grows, this app will be nothing short of amazing.

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