prince of persia

Prince of Persia – The Shadow and the Flame, the second game in the series, is getting a modern makeover from Ubisoft, and the company has already posted a trailer.

The new game will be available  on tablets and smartphone, says the video. Considering the fact that the previous remake (Prince of Persia Classic), is available for Android devices (at $2.30), there’s no reason why anyone should think our favorite OS will be left out.

The new Prince of Persia game promises “stunning visuals and new gameplay,” and the truth is that the trailer below does show some promise.

The creator of the initial game, Jordan Mechner, has posted a few more details about the new version on his blog. He says that the game will have updated graphics, and sound and touch controls, in the spirit of the game. He also mentions that we’re not talking about a port of the original (but that’s pretty visible in the trailer).

No word on a release date yet. Are you looking forward to the new member of the Prince of Persia family of games?

Bogdan Bele
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