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Prince of Balls HD Free: Quest to save the spherical princess

November 19, 2012

Once upon a time, a rather circular prince and his beautiful princess were enjoying a pleasant picnic of an assortment of fruits. Unfortunately, tragedy struck, and true to the classic damsel-in-distress archetype, the rotund princess was kidnapped by an equally spherical demon creature. It is up to our heroic orb-like prince to tackle the vast landscape and save his princess! We’ve heard that story before but Prince of Balls HD presents this classic tale in a slightly different way.

We’ll give you a moment to stop sniggering.

Of course, you won’t see any six-packs on our prince and the princess doesn’t exactly have the curves you’re imagining, but there are no horses or any type of transport in this game either. It is up to you to give the prince a boost and propel him with powerful jumps by tapping on the screen. The higher you tap, the more power the prince’s jump has.

It isn’t all about traversing the level as soon as possible. It’s about planning your jumps and trying to get as many stars and coins as you can. Don’t get too caught up in jumping around though. Prince of Balls HD gives you the additional challenge of limited energy. Don’t exhaust the Prince’s energy or else he’ll expire early and he’ll never be able to save the princess. Plan every jump you make and aim to collect as many items as possible.

If you’re running low on energy, land on the fruits scattered around the game level. They’ll give you the energy boost you need and replenish your energy by a fraction. You can also pick up power-ups that will keep you in the air for a few seconds.

If you think limited energy is challenging, the developers wanted to make it even more challenging. They’ve thrown in regularly patrolling bees, thorn bushes, and spiked puffer creatures to take out the prince on the slightest mis-jump.

If you’re not careful, you might just land on a poison-spewing plant that will make our hero sick. Not all of the flora and fauna are out to get you, however; for extra bounce, jump on a mushroom. You’ll definitely reach great heights!

Game levels can be quite large and one false move can either waste the prince’s precious energy or send the prince to his death. Thankfully, each level has several checkpoints. If you accidentally fall to your death, you won’t have to start from the very beginning of the level. You just need to start from the last checkpoint you passed. You finish the level when you pass the finish line.

Prince of Balls HD has great graphics and the mechanics of the game are just begging to be played on a larger screen, such as a Galaxy Note 2 or a Galaxy Note 10.1. The game has some amazing graphics and it takes a larger screen to really appreciate them.

The greenery in the screenshots really pop out and you can see the texture of the rocks. The landscape is highly detailed, in great contrast to the simplicity of our ball-prince. If you squint hard enough, you can even make out the wood texture on his shield and sword.

Larger screens make planning jumps easier, preventing you from having to play and replay levels until you get them right. The game also sounds deceptively simple. Jumping around collecting coins and items may seem like a walk in the park, but Prince of Balls HD’s levels and platforms have been designed in a way that really gets the brain working.

Help the spherical prince save his spherical princess in Prince of Balls HD. Download it for free from the Google Play Store.