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Deal: Save 62% on the phone-sized Prima Pocket Projector

Get ready to watch the game or movie anywhere with the Prima Pocket Projector. Grab yours before game day for under $300.
November 2, 2019

When you want to stream your sports or movies, why limit yourself to your phone screen? The Prima Pocket Projector isn’t much larger than a big-screened phone, and it’s just as lightweight. You can grab yours for a limited time for just under $300.

Perfect for watching the big game outside, the Prima Pocket Projector can blast a screen of 200 inches with full HD 1080p resolution. You can even rely on 200 lumens of brightness to project a crisp picture in any lighting. Whether you’re waiting on a noon kickoff or Thursday night football, you’ll see each hit with great clarity.

Project a 200-inch screen and feel like you're in the action.

Forget lugging your speakers outside to be able to hear the action of the game, the Prima Pocket Projector has built-in Hi-Fi speakers. If you’re just trying to listen to the game, the speakers offer 30 hours of playback all on their own. All you need is your projector, your favorite chair, and maybe some snacks.

If you’re worried about your projector cutting out in the middle of the game, don’t be. The Prima Pocket Projector packs three hours of battery life at full brightness, so you can catch the entirety of your game easily. If your plan is to stay in your seat for all of game day, just plug in the projector for unlimited power.

Prima Pocket Projector

The projector can squeeze into a backpack or a purse with ease. The flat build doesn’t sacrifice the display angle as you can set it to display 40 degrees up or down.

The Prima Pocket Projector retails at just under $800, but you can grab it right now for only $299.99. Don’t wait for game day to decide, because the deal won’t last that long. Hit the button below and beat the buzzer.

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