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Samsung Galaxy S5 - Kevin's Favorite Cases [Video]

With expensive repairs, it's important to keep your device safe
May 24, 2014

Kevin decided to try out some of the most popular Samsung Galaxy S5 cases currently on the market and give you his thoughts. The eagerly awaited Galaxy S5 wireless cover has yet to officially released in the US market, but can be found on Ebay from some Hong Kong and US sellers. Have a look at the video above or the list below and let us know what case you have and what you think of it.


Cruzerlite cases are a popular choice for several reasons, namely price, simplicity and color options. You also get the signature Bugdroid design etched into the case.


The lightweight material does a great job at covering the essentials and even raises the device slightly when lying-face down, which helps protect the screen against scratches when on flat surfaces.


The back is grippy enough, which gives you confidence it will not slip out of your hand easily. There are a few imprecisions when it comes to the cut, but overall the Cruzerlite is a decent case for its price.


OtterBox is the name to beat when it comes to rugged cases. Again, while the Galaxy S5 is inherently dust-and water-resistant, the additional protection that a rugged case offers gets you added peace of mind.

The OtterBox case is essentially a two-piece case. One part is harder plastic, which acts as the backbone, and the other one is a softer, but still heavy-duty rubber.


The styling is what you would expect from OtterBox: it’s not super attractive, but it’s not ugly either. What’s important here is the protection it offers. Case in point: the large lip around the screen offers added protection to the screen in the event of a fall.

A few drawbacks, though: the buttons are mushy during the first few days, but it should clear out with use. Also, you can expect quite some weight and bulk with this kind of protection.


A case with an epic name, the Verus Thor offers a lot of color choices.

It’s also a two-part case, with the back acting as a shield outside the soft rubber that protects the phone’s bezels from easily chipping.

The protrusion also protects the screen when laying flat, although it does not go as far as the OtterBox.


I like how the case contours on the side allow for a better grip. The buttons are covered, but still offer easy presses without an initial break-in period.

Overall, the Verus Thor feels durable and should protect the device in the event of a fall.


This case is very similar to the Verus Thor — also a two-piece case with a hard, perforated shell at the back.

Buttons are covered and also angled, offering a unique style. These are a bit mushy, though, but the travel is short, so you don’t have to struggle with presses.


The cut-outs have a rounded design, which gives the case a clean look.

The slim armor is a bit thinner than the Verus Thor, and the Bezels are not as thick. But it still offers some screen protection nonetheless, except perhaps in the event of a direct hit if the phone falls.


This is my favorite case among this set, due to its lightweight and slim design.