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Pressy team explains most recent delay, had enough excuses yet?

Once again Pressy has missed another deadline, after weeks of silence they've finally explained why.
May 15, 2014

When Pressy first arrived on scene last year, it took Kickstarter by storm, making it abundantly clear that there is a real demand for customizable add-on buttons in the world of Android. Since that time, we’ve seen cheap clones and knock-offs, and even an NFC-based 4-button solution that is semi-similar and equally popular called the Dimple. But where the hell is Pressy?

Back in mid-April we learned that despite its initial delays, Pressy was on-track for an April 28th ship date for its original 40,000 Kickstarter-claimed Pressy buttons. Furthermore, the company said it would bring a unique redesigned holder as a way of making up for the delay. Now it’s May 15th, and still no Pressy. While Pressy’s creators kept us in the dark for the last few weeks, they have finally updated their Kickstarter page with new details about the delays.

According to the team, they had manufactured 30k+ Pressy units, but quality testing revealed a high failure rate after a few hundred clicks. Pressy’s team didn’t want to release such an unstable product, so they recalled everything and went back to the drawing board so to speak. So when will you actually receive your Pressy, if you already claimed one through Kickstarter? While Pressy’s creators don’t give an exact date, they say everything is now on track and units should ship by the end of the month. Given the track record though, we wouldn’t start circling your calendars or anything.

What do you think of Pressy’s delays? To be expected from a Kickstarter-backed startup, or unacceptable? Still interested in Pressy, or are you ready for a refund now?