Despite the gloomy picture some rumors painted for Galaxy S3 users in the US a few weeks back, Samsung’s flagship has started receiving official Jelly Bean “butter”. Sprint has been the first carrier to roll out the new software package, while Verizon seems to now be next in line.

Though Big Red is still hush-hush on the matter, a pre-release Android 4.1 build has been leaked on XDA Developers forum and looks legit. However, according to jucytec, the lucky XDA user who got his hands on the firmware, this is not the latest or the final build, being dated about a month back.

Also according to the leaker, there was another build finalized in the meantime, which could reach OTA (over-the-air) in around three weeks if there won’t be any major glitches. That would put the official upgrade sometime at the end of November, which is definitely good news, despite that we all initially hoped it would come sooner.

Getting back to the Jelly Bean port on hand, we should tell you that its build number is I535VRBLI5, and, while it should work fine, we don’t recommend installing for anything other than custom ROMing. That’s because you could void your warranty, brick your device or fail to receive the official upgrade, and all those seem like unnecessary risks to take right now.

If you still insist on flashing, you’ll need your S3 to be rooted, your bootloader unlocked and some basic knowledge of how these things work. Have fun and let us know how it all goes down!